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Here I list a few Websites that are either related to my site in one way or another, or just sites that I think are great, and that may or may not interest you.  I've tried to put pictures up for each of them, to give you an idea of what they are about, but sometimes it's not possible.

Dave Paton



Dave is an old old friend.  My brother really...kind of...it's a long story.  He's been very supportive of me and my site, and actually took a couple of the photos of my artwork, before I bought my own digital camera.  His website is set up for you to view his own photography.  He's really rather talented and his work is for sale by mail order too.  He has some stunning landscapes and I think he is a very sensitive wildlife photographer.  I think it's well worth a look (once you've devoured my site and ordered plenty from it!). 



Roy Harper


He's here because some of my artwork is inspired by, or related to him.  The Limited Edition Print of BURN the WORLD (featured on my Prints page), was inspired by the song of the same name, and printed to sell at his concerts on his Burn the World tour.  He's a poet who words are pure emotion and his music could blow your mind.  He's wild and anarchic, and a lover of birds (human and feathered), cats and other fluffy things.  He can't really be summed up, visit his site and listen to his music if you want an explanation.  A friend and constant inspiration. 

His website features all of his current news, and has a shop from which you can buy all of his currently published cds, books, etc.



Nick Harper



Nick is Roy's son, but is here because I love his music too.  It's often said that they are cut from the same cloth and, though true, that's quite boring.  Genes will out, and who need to mention it...how often have you wanted to slap the person who told you you looked like your Mum?  Nick is an amazing musician.  I can guarantee you never heard a guitar played quite the way he plays it.  He's sex with 6 strings.  His latest album "Bloodsongs" is nothing short of brilliant and its subject matter very close to my heart as it's all about the intensity of love felt for family members, past present and future.  I'm no music journalist...make up your own mind.




Mad Michael's Tree Art Cafe

Mad Michael's Tree Art Café - Midland, Ontario

I've never been, but I've tasted the man's food and it's great, so if you're ever passing Wyebridge, Ontario, you should drop in for a cuppa and a bite, and maybe pick up some of his twig furniture while you're there!





Algan Arts



A friend sent me the link to this page because Gail Kelly's work reminded her of mine, and I know she's the competition, but I was just gob-smacked by the work she does.  It's really up my street I guess with her images of standing stones, and magical landscapes, so I though I'd share it with you.  I especially love her "Linen Trees".  

Here's some of what she says about herself.

"Gail Kelly lives and works in County Down, Northern Ireland. Her timeless, magical landscapes populated by standing stones, dolmens and fairy thorn trees reflect her interest in age old legends and traditions.  She works in a variety of printmaking techniques to produce her original prints which she exhibits widely, both at home and abroad.  Gail also designs and publishes the Algan Arts range of Greetings Cards reproduced from her original images."









Please note that published prices include postage to all UK addresses.

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