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Small People

A collection of hand made and hand painted cards and gifts designed with babies and children in mind.

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Cards Newborn Gift Sets Hand Painted Clothes Gifts




The Pitter Patter of Tiny Feet

I think these cards are perfect to welcome a small person into the world, but they would equally suit for a birth announcement.

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Pitter-patter Pink Pitter-patter Blue

Card size: 152 x 104 mm

Price per single card only - 1.50

Price for card as part of a larger order 1.20


New Baby Teddy

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Teddy Boy Teddy Girl


A print of a teddy in an appropriately coloured jumper 

framed behind a dye cut mount.

Card size: 152 x 104 mm


Price per single card only - 2.50

Price for card as part of a larger order 1.60



Hand Painted Newborn Card

wpe1.jpg (14168 bytes)

Hand painted in this or other "Named Suit" design
Card size: 152 x 104 mm
Price: 8

see below in Hand Painted Clothes for card and suit



Commissioned Cards

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A card commissioned to go with a body suit.  Hand painted in watercolour and hand written. Hand painted birthday card.

A Painting of a rocket

 blasting off leaving a

 greeting in the smoke

 behind it. 


Card Size: 203 x 150 mm

Card Size: 202 x 150 mm


Card Size: 202 x 150 mm





Hand Painted, Personalised Treasure Chest


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wpeF.jpg (65303 bytes) wpeD.jpg (88786 bytes)

A cardboard treasure chest hand painted and personalised with a child's name.

Price:  20

Dimensions: 8" x 6" x 6" approx

Other sizes available, please ask

Here is illustrated a Pirate's Chest but ot could be painted however you wish, for example "Princess Charlotte's Treasure Chest" with a pink and silver paint effect...

Hand Painted Tea-Set

wpe1.jpg (44157 bytes)


Hand Painted tiny tea set, great for teddy bears' tea parties.

Available in Tiny Hearts design (above) or  Butterflies and Flowers (not illustrated).

Comes with a gingham picnic cloth.





Hand Painted Clothes

Personalised Bodysuits & T-Shirts

A great gift for any child, but it makes an especially thoughtful gift for a newborn baby.  

The bodysuits go down really well as gifts for newborns.

Don't forget to specify the name when placing your order.    

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Stars and Hearts



and Flowers


Goldfish Kiss



and Flowers



Bodysuit - 12

T-Shirt- 15





Personalised Newborn Suit and Matching Card


SmallNameNewbornGftandCard.jpg (117368 bytes)                wpe1.jpg (25745 bytes)


18 for the set

Any of the name designs can be ordered as a gift set for newborn babies

with a hand painted bodysuit (newborn or 0-3 months) and a matching hand painted card.  Above the design on the card is hand written, "Welcome to the World", the baby's name is painted in watercolour in the same design as the suit, and underneath the 

baby's birth date can be added at no extra cost.




Named Sleepsuit


wpe9.jpg (64181 bytes)


Also available as a T-Shirt

Name can be horizontal or vertical





Simple Newborn Gifts


wpe6.jpg (33287 bytes) wpe8.jpg (32829 bytes)


Simply decorated with the words 

"New Baby" or "Tiny Baby"

in Pink or Blue. 


Also available in this style - "Womb Names". 

Sizes Early Baby or Newborn are illustrated but, as with all designs,

 any size is possible.


Price: Bodysuit 9 Sleepsuit 12




I Love My Mummy and My Daddy!


wpe8.jpg (32389 bytes)         wpeE.jpg (26605 bytes)         wpe6.jpg (33761 bytes)

I Love My Mummy (or I Love My Daddy)


I Love My Mummy

and I Love My Daddy Too!


I Love My Mummy

(or I Love My Daddy)


Bodysuit: 10

T-Shirt : 12

Bodysuit: 15

T-Shirt: 18

Bodysuit: 15

T-Shirt: 18

in Blue or Pink

...or any other colour!


Commission your own choice of colour at no extra charge.

Click here to view one customer's choice

                    A word about Sizes, Styles and Colours.


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Swirl Flower 


Swirl Flower 


Sunshine Suit

Sun-Salute Flower 

bodysuit   -  


20  12


-   2 15
t-shirt   - 15  20  15


wpe6.jpg (32071 bytes)       wpe8.jpg (28483 bytes)


wpeA.jpg (33485 bytes)

Butterflies and Flowers (non-personlised design)

Large Flower Small Flower
Price:Bodysuit - 15
Sleepsuit or T-Shirt: 20


wpe11.jpg (79129 bytes) wpeF.jpg (73818 bytes) wpe6.jpg (42516 bytes)
Butterfly Green  Butterfly Multi Cat Suit


12   12  12


15   15  



15   15  


A word about Sizes, Styles and Colours.



Twinkle Twinkle

wpe1.jpg (40752 bytes)               wpe4.jpg (35600 bytes)
Bodysuit Sleepsuit
12 18


Baby Love

wpe4.jpg (30184 bytes)               wpe1.jpg (40760 bytes)
Bodysuit Sleepsuit
12 18




Sibling Wear

The Big Sibling wears a T-Shirt with their little Sibling's name on, proudly stating they are the Big brother or sister and the Little Sibling wears their Big Sibling's name with pride.  The older siblings love to see their name emblazoned on their small brother or sister's chest!

Please think carefully when filling in the information on your order form!

Visit Sizing Info for size information for the T-Shirts and suits.

Little Sibling Bodysuits

wpe1.jpg (25310 bytes) wpe4.jpg (24092 bytes)
Little Brother Little Sister
12 12


Big Sibling T-Shirts

wpeD.jpg (21148 bytes) wpe11.jpg (51439 bytes) wpe15.jpg (117158 bytes)
Hearts Stripes Psychedelic
18 18 18

A word about Sizes, Styles and Colours.


Or, why not commission a hand painted garment all of your own.  It wouldn't cost very much, if any, more than a regular garment.  Below are some examples of commissioned children's wear already undertaken.  "Human Cards" go down VERY well with the message recipient.  Grandparents love to receive a human card in the form of a grandchild!  But parents and partners love human cards too.  How about popping the question by t-shirt?

wpe19.jpg (9130 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (9713 bytes) wpe1D.jpg (22326 bytes)


Get Well Card for Grandmother after a breast cancer operation

70 th Birthday Card for a Grandmother. 

Present for a Newborn Baby

 (called Lily!)


SmallCommissValeFront.jpg (134293 bytes) wpe4.jpg (45964 bytes)
Front Back

 Valentine's Card from daughter and her "Mamu" to the Daddy.


Prices from 12 - 20 for similar styles.   

And, of course, I willingly would undertake a commission for an adult.  Also, if you have a garment that you would like me to spruce up with a hand painted decoration, by all means send it to me and I will do that very thing for you!  If you have a question about commissioning clothing, email Questions@Eckreation.com  


Please note that published prices include postage to all UK addresses.

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