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I am happy to undertake commissions in any area of my creative work.

To me, a commission is work taken on to create something specific to a customerís individual desires. This can be as simple as recreating a piece seen in the catalogue or on my site, but in different colours, or adding names to a piece, or it can be creating something from scratch.

This page is to give you an idea of what is possible and how much it might cost.  You can, of course, request anything that comes to mind!  Here are some examples of what has been commissioned and its price as a guideline.



Pet Portraits

I require a good photograph of said pet in a pose that is acceptable for you to be reproduced in watercolour.     

CommisThistle_small.jpg (44740 bytes) wpe1.jpg (45941 bytes) wpe69.jpg (17790 bytes)




Size:  60 x 42 cm Size: 18 x 15 cm Size:  18 x 10 cm
Price:   £65 Price: £40 Price:   £25 



People Portraits

Again I would require at least one good photograph of the subject to be painted in a pose you are happy to have reproduced in watercolour.

wpe2E.jpg (24029 bytes) wpe9.jpg (52193 bytes)

wpe4C.jpg (10396 bytes)




Size:14 cm x 14 cm

Size: 21 cm x 28 cm


Price (unframed):  £40 

Price:  £60 

Price (unframed):  £55




CommisJilly.jpg (34437 bytes)

Jilly as a Butterfly

Size:  48 x 30 cm
Price:  £400





Below are a couple of examples of glassware painted to customersí requirements.


wpe22.jpg (16422 bytes)                       wpe24.jpg (25280 bytes)
A vase painted for a customer who liked my Tree Vases but wanted a different style of vase and names and a date added for a Ruby Wedding Present. Champagne Flutes painted for a graduation present.  A special message on the glass with a bubbles and stars design and the date painted around the feet.

Height: 22 cm



Height:19 cm





Why not commission a card for a special occasion?  Below are a few of examples.  The requirements for these will differ according to your needs.  You can commission a painting to frame as a card, a simple design or one of my prints or other card designs, but with text added to the front and or inside.  We would discuss your desires and agree a price during the ordering process.  People with small people should also see further down the page for a really neat and unique type of card! 


wpe8.jpg (22207 bytes) CommisVal.jpg (15598 bytes) wpe3.jpg (22786 bytes)

An original watercolour painting of a New Home painted using the Estate Agent's photo, mounted as a greeting card.  A New Home Card and Housewarming present in one.

A very personal hand painted Valentines card from mother to the father of a 10 month old baby

A very special wedding day card with the date, couples initials, their favourite place and the lodge where the proposal was made.

Card Size: 203 x 150 mm


Painting size: 5 x 4 cm


Card Size: 203 x 150 mm


wpe2.jpg (13846 bytes) wpe26.jpg (15071 bytes) wpe29.jpg (24333 bytes)

Personal Mothers Day Card

Design hand painted in watercolour with matching hand written text.

A card commissioned to go with a body suit.  Hand painted in watercolour and hand written. Hand painted birthday card.
Card Size: 150 x 105 mm


Card Size: 203 x 150 mm


Card Size: 202 x 150 mm


wpe10.jpg (16649 bytes) wpe4.jpg (19446 bytes) wpeA.jpg (15137 bytes)
A card from stock, personalised with matching hand writing in paint.  Any stock card can be personalised with a short message, names or dates, for any occasion.

Engagement Congratulations Card

Design printed and mounted behind a dye-cut mount.  Text then added by hand in matching watercolour paint.

Ruby Wedding Card.  Hand painted design with hand written message and date around it.
Card Size: 152 x 104 mm


Card Size: 202 x 150 mm


Card Size: 152 x 104 mm



wpe1.jpg (20670 bytes) wpe11.jpg (24506 bytes)
Hand Written message decorated with stylised roses all framed behind a gold brushed dye cut mount.

A Painting of a rocket

 blasting off leaving a

 greeting in the smoke

 behind it. 


Card Size: 202 x 150 mm



Card Size: 202 x 150 mm





Bodysuits & T-shirts for small people:

You may like my bodysuits but want something different from what is generally on offer.  I have provided items as simple as a standard design with a monogram added, and as unique as a human cards for a Grandmother's 70th birthday and a get well card for a Grandmother in post-op after a lumpectomy!!!  Below are some examples of what I have created to order:


wpe40.jpg (10399 bytes) wpe66.jpg (10799 bytes) wpe2B.jpg (16619 bytes)
Get Well Card for Grandmother 70 th Birthday Card  Present for Newborn Baby

 Prices from £12 - £20 for similar styles. 





To make a query about or to order a commission contact me at Eck@Eckreation.com.  


Please note that published prices include postage to all UK addresses.

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If you like what you see, but don't see what you would like, see the Commissions page or contact us.  I can custom make virtually any item to your specification.

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